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Certificate Overview

The Digital Marketing program prepares our students for a career in managing brands and its perceptions, through campaigns and brand awareness. Let your creativity shine and bring your unique ideas to increase your companies digital impact. This career entails focus on research, awareness of trends, and adaptability. 

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    In an ever-evolving landscape, digital marketing is more important than ever for brands to be aware of what's trending According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job demand in the overall field of marketing should increase by 10% by 2026. As consumers spend more time with their technology, companies seek to advertise and promote their business by increasing their social media presence. The demand for marketing professionals is for internet and website marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing and engagement. The future is bright for this field, and now is the perfect time to enter!

     Creativity sparks the change that helps companies grow!  Brands are looking for those who have initiative to make their marketing go viral.  With 1.5 billion social media users online, there's no limit to how successful you can be. 

     In this course, you will learn about social media marketing, Search-Engine Optimization (SEO), and Pay Per Click (PPC).  The curriculum will introduce tools to appropriately measure and evaluate the effectiveness of digital marking campaigns that are designed to improve the experience of the consumer. Complete the course in just 24 weeks, so get started today!

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