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Certificate Overview

The Audio Arts undergraduate certificate program provides students with a foundational knowledge of the audio production process. Students will learn the basic skills in recording, music creation, editing, and sequencing and will be introduced to computer-based project-studio production. Upon completion of this certificate program, the knowledge and skills gained will enhance the craft and marketability of audio professionals.

     Through this course, students will learn the proper techniques for recording and editing audio. Audio is an essential function to producing great content. Poor quality audio recordings can negatively impact reception of the work. 

     Appreciation for podcasts is on the rise. Podcasts are seeing multi-million dollar acquisitions from companies such as Apple, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. The podcast market is set to be a $1 Billion industry. Creative writing is an important function for podcasting because the audience must be captivated by the content to retain listenership.

     It's more important than ever to have knowledge and experience in audio production. With people spending more time on their phones and social media, businesses are starting to rely heavily on video content for their consumers. 

     Job opportunities with the Audio Arts program include recording engineer, program director, live sound tech, amongst many others. Get your future started today!




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