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Certificate Overview

The TV Production & Video program prepares our students for a career in the media industry. Familiarizing with the camera and proper editing skills, the knowledge will greatly widen your opportunities. As the need for content from internet creators, television, and film grows, this is the prefect chance to get into the action!

  • 01COV-01 | Business in the Entertainment & Media Industries
    The Business in the Entertainment & Media Industries course observes the internal framework of different industry divisions. This course enables students to understand the spectrum of the entertainment and media business, from its impact on the economy and the digital revolution to the global opportunities that technology creates. Students will examine modern and innovative business strategies along with current business trends within these creative industries. Students will research the careers available for professionals in the industry.
  • 01SC-02 | Introduction to Sportscasting
    The Introduction to Sportscasting course will introduce students to the fundamentals of sportscasting, basic television and production terminology. Students will learn the skills to create and execute a sportscast by writing their own material, appearing on camera, and recording voice-over. These skills prepare students the ability to function in any newsroom, including technical skills such as the ability to read a rundown, run a teleprompter, and edit simple audio.
  • 02COV-03 | New Media Tools
    In the New Media Tools course, students will examine new-media tools along with methods and media outlets of the past. Students will explore a variety of media used in digital and online environments to accomplish course projects and further their understanding, with the help of images and text. Students will gain an understanding of the possibilities and challenges of new media by learning the technology, techniques, and methods of storytelling on multimedia platforms. This course will help prepare students in their future career fields.
  • 02SC-04 | Broadcast Writing
    The Broadcast Writing course explores the essential writing and reporting skills for effective sports journalism, broadcasting, and broadcast storytelling. Students will learn how news is gathered, evaluated, and distributed. They will also further explore the role that sports journalism and broadcasting play in the progressive media landscape. The dynamic that exists between reporters, hosts, and sports organizations will be of major importance and concentration.
  • 02SC-05 | Project 1: Personal Branding
    The Project I: Personal Branding course combines hands-on learning experiences with summative and formative portfolio assessments. In this course, students will explore, build, and assess their professional brand identity, points of differentiation, and areas of expertise to highlight online that will be formative to their future careers.
  • 03COV-06 | Audio Workstations
    The Audio Workstations course explores the digital audio workstation environment through an overview of digital audio concepts and practices. Students will receive instruction and practical experience with powerful computer-based recording systems typically found in the modern recording and show production industry.
  • 03SC-07 | Sports Digital Production
    The Sports Digital Production course introduces students to content creation through the use of still photography and video production. Students will learn the skills required of professional photographers and picture editors in creating photographic and multimedia packages. Students will practice learning still and video camera functions and begin to train their critical eye through studying techniques and methods for reporting, messaging, and storytelling through video.
  • 03SC-08 | Portfolio 1: Personal Branding
    In Portfolio I: Personal Branding, students will create a digital portfolio website to serve as the foundation for their online presence and future endeavors. By the end of the course, students will have a digital platform to showcase their skills and knowledge to future employers and industry professionals.
  • 04EXT-SC | Externship Program
    During their externship, students will have the opportunity to practice the skills they have gained during their classroom and in-studio training. They will refine their professional skills, assist in production, write news stories, troubleshoot software problems, and develop an effective career success strategy.

     This course provides students with foundational knowledge in digital video and television production relevant to current technology and media formats. Students will learn hands-on with broadcast devices and gain practice with terminology of the field, grow creatively, and foster the technical flexibility to adapt within the entertainment and media industries. 

     Students edit using Adobe Premiere Pro and are taught video compositing techniques. The program is designed to develop students’ formal skill set and prepare them for entry-level positions in the areas of web video, independent video production, and media creation.

    Students should consider the booming industry in our region. In 2002, New Mexico started offering incentives to media companies that would reimburse a portion of their spending. This initiative began a rush to New Mexico as a new hub for filming. Filming has been on the rise since then, with a record high number of productions of 40 in 2019. Netflix has made Albuquerque home for their studio, and plan on doubling its size soon.

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